Volkswagen and Skoda refuse to stand by their product

We escalated the issue to the regional Skoda office after about 3 months. The regional office had no value to add. In fact, they stopped returning calls.

We escalated the issue to Skoda’s customer care division in Aurangabad. They would not return calls, and when they did, they were about how they will get back to us at the earliest.

We started writing to Mr. Karsten Bogun, Mr. Thomas Kuehl. Both of the gentlemen refused to even reply to emails, attend phone calls, or respond to registered letters.

We approached Skoda Czech Republic. They wrote back to us saying that we had to approach Skoda India only.

We wrote to Volkswagen. They wrote back saying that we should contact Skoda.

During this 3 year process, we were using a taxi as our primary car, because we didn’t have our car, even while our loan payments for the car were being made. The pain that we faced was completely ignored by the company in all its interactions with us, Volkswagen, Skoda Czech Republic, Skoda Aurangabad, Skoda Gurgaon all refused to help.

After 3 years, Skoda did extend our warranty by one year as a courtesy, which is a gesture we appreciate. But given that we had really not driven the car at all (because it was in service all this while), it was literally the least they could do.

Sometimes all manufacturing companies make mistakes. Sometimes the dealers don’t do their job. But its rare to see cases where Volkswagen / Skoda makes cars which don’t work, and then completely refuse to stand by them.


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  • It’d be great if i could get a like option here for face book. The news might spread like Wildfire on FB. You could send the link to Skoda as well and show them your not to be taken lightly.

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