Poor service, Suspected pilferage

The dealer was unable to provide any resolution. They had no idea what was wrong with the car, and though they tried their best initially to solve the problem, they just had no idea what to do. The car stayed with the dealer for months off-and-on. But the dealer was unable to find out why the car wasn’t working. this went on for 3 years, during which the car was completely unusable.

Meanwhile, during trips to the dealer, we would often notice that some parts which went in new came out old and scratchy. I am certain that the headlights either magically had reduced performance after one visit to the dealer, or were damaged somehow, or were replaced with non-genuine parts. Our sunroof switch was also changed while at the dealer. The old grey one was replaced with a scratched up black/gray switch with glue on it.

There are several reports and posts about Skoda’s dealers changing parts in cars. Read more here (Skoda dealer changed parts), here (Skoda tries to bully an automotive forum), here (Fake Skoda brakes caused accident)


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