A complete waste of money

The car never worked reliably – and because of that, the resale value tanked immediately.

In fact, when we asked the dealer for a quote to buy the car back from us, they offered us a grand total of 32% of the purchase price as fair compensation for the car. They offered us INR 8 Lakhs for an INR 25L car, because it was defective.

After three years, once nearly all parts were fixed, the car was largely fixed, but was still extremely unreliable. Every couple of months, it had to go to the workshop for major repairs. Finally, after many many lakhs of Rupees were spent on the car, we wrote the car off completely and sold it for junk value (INR 2L).

We fell for the ‘Buy a Mercedes at 30% less’, or as Skoda would say ‘Buy an S Class at C class prices’. But ultimately, we ended up spending way more on this vehicle than we would have on a comparable Mercedes or a BMW, and we didnt get to use the car much. It spent most of its time at the workshop.

Save it. Get a Mercedes instead. If you’re getting ‘Mercedes Features’ at Honda prices, theres probably a catch. Here, the catch is reliability and the fact that if something goes wrong, Skoda and Volkswagen will not stand by their products.



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