Background – A Lemon

A day or two after the car came home, the check-engine light came on.

The car was sent back to the workshop immediately, and then stayed there for many weeks. The workshop was unable to identify the cause of the check engine light, and ‘opened up’ the engine within a week of our purchase.

Unfortunately, they didn’t know how to put it back together. The car never worked correctly after that.

Each part was inspected – and since then, nearly every major component of the engine has been pointed to as a source of the problem – and fixed after waiting about 2 weeks or so each time for the parts. But the car still doesn’t run.

List of Major Parts of the Car that have been speculated to have problems (some of them have been replaced):




One thought on “Background – A Lemon

  • Dear Sir,
    i need your guidance.
    this mail i sent to Skoda CEO.
    (Hello Mr Sudhir Roy

    This is reference to my Black Skoda Rapid ambition HR_____ bought on 31st December 2012. It is not even 1 and a half year of having purchased this car but from day one this car is a pain for me.

    In first month itself the car started giving trouble for which it was at your service center for more than a month. I pleaded for change of the car but got no justice. The car was handed back to me with a temporary solution. After this the car has been more than 14 times in your service station for more than a day because of the same undetected problem creeping up again and again. Your complete team has failed to rectify the error, more correct even to diagnose the cause of error. It is a manufacturing fault beyond repair. The car was basically a junk piece due to manufacturing error which was sold by the company knowing that being a powerful company and no polices by the government to protect consumers right the company would easily get away with it.

    I deny to give up and would surely take this case to the court of law as a special case to seek justice for my emotional torments and financial losses.)

    plz tell me what to do??????????????????

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